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Delivery time according to stock.


Payment Methods:



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Shipping, transportation and return policy


Shipping: The structure or any spare part will be shipped, once the total payment has been received. See payment options.


Returns: Only returns for material received in poor condition will be accepted. Check the status at the time of receipt. We will not accept returns of material damaged by misuse. Read the document of conformity and user manual.


Shipping cost: Shipping: Shipping costs will be calculated according to destination. consult.


For customers outside the European Union: The taxes, customs duties or tariffs that each country has stipulated will be applied. These charges will be borne by the buyer, who will have to contact the appropriate department, since we cannot specify the amount in the case of very different taxes depending on the destination country. Take customs formalities into account, as this can delay delivery.

As established by the regulations, there are 14 days to return the product. The return costs will be paid by the buyer. Also if the product is returned in poor condition either for transport reasons or any other, these will be deducted from the refund of the money paid.

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