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  Light, portable and safe


" I once dreamt of flying and I want to share that dream with you."

We offer you the perfect tool, the AYS structure!


Interior use



  Easy to assemble,

Light to carry.



The AYS structure is professionally designed to ensure stability, comfort and safety. Easy to assemble, light and easy to transport and compact when disassembled.


It has been designed from experience.

Ready to use over any stable surface.

The 4 non-slip bases will protect the floor surface and will provide stability.


It is now possible to practice with your swing in the middle of the forest, on the beach, on the terrace of your house or in any open space contemplating the sky.


Now you also can with our AYS structure.






Construction material: Iron .

Finish: Zinc plated, silver color.

Painted finish: Check prices,

Transport dimensions: 100 x 15 x 20 cm.

Dimensions once assembled: (height, length, width): 244 x 225 x 230 cm.


We can accommodate different measurements. If you have a smaller space, please contact us.



Weight: 20 kg / 44 lb





  Practice with your

swing looking at the sky.


Outdoor use



Pep Codolosa.

My first work experience was at age 14 in a workshop, where I learned the art of casting iron.

Later I undertook a long journey as a technician, working in the best theatres in Barcelona and later as Technical Director of Dagoll Dagom, touring for years in Spain and with the circus company "" Sèmola teatre "throughout Europe.


The learning and experience acquired by moulding iron enabled me to undertake new challenges and contribute my vision in the design and construction of theatrical structures.

My relationship with architecture was strengthened during my time as a freelance consultant for scenic spaces such as Arteria Paral.lel or Mercat de les Flors, where I spent 9 years, among others.

Narayoga Studio, the yoga center where I am currently teaching, was my last project.


In 2012 yoga appeared in my life . I followed the teachings of Sri Andrei Ram and was trained as a teacher at Yogaia Bcn.

I graduated as an acroyoga teacher at in Mexico. I also did the aerial yoga training at Anya aerial yoga, in Almeria.


Recently, I dreamt of taking my aerial yoga classes in a retreat format outdoors, far away from the studio. My background and my curiosity in the field of metal structures, has led me to investigate the balance between solidity and lightness until i found simplicity.

This project began here and now it sees the light, so it can continue to fly and grow with its roots firmly set on the ground, gazing up at the sky.

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